Concept to Engineering Design

Concept to detail consumer and commercial product design with a focus on high-innovation appliances, beverage dispensing and brewing products, fleet-grade autonomous mobile robots, top-mount modules for AMR's and advanced motion systems.  Full stop-shop from technical art to final product.

Full in-house capabilities from concept to fully detailed design to functioning reality.


First To Market, Industry-First Technologies

Ability to access industry landscape, customer needs, current industry deficiencies, and devise compelling new features, technologies, and products that lead the industry and compel the customer.  World-first and Industry-first technologies backed by solid engineering rigor, mechanical and electronic innovation.


Fluid and Hydraulic Specialization

Computer-aided analysis: Advanced fluid CFD, Labview automation and instrumentation, Thermal Analysis and Optimization, Mechanical FEA stress and rigidity, High quality renderings, Animations, and Complex motion simulations.  

Advanced filtration: including centrifugal,multi-stage, pulse filtering, backwash and purge designs, sensory feedback for algorithm action 


Product, Motion, Mechanism Specialization

  • Advanced motion systems, devices, computer vision
  • Beverage and Hydraulic Products - Commercial/ Residential
  • Plastics, Actuators, Sensors, Controls
  • Durable Goods for Manufacturing
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots and Implements
  • Fully functional, Show-Quality Prototypes


Top-Mount Technologies for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Advanced, High-Function Top-Mount modules for AMR fleets.  Mechanically and Electrically interfaces to current AMR's to provide specialized, industry-first functional enhancements to existing AMR fleets.  Numerous designs successfully deployed into the Logistics and Material Handling Industry.  Numerous more designs available and in development.


Custom Electronics and PCB's

  • Advanced controls
  • Closed Loop Feedback Systems
  • Touchscreens / Menu systems
  • First-to-Market Technologies


Extensive Experience in LabView Automation and Lab Eval

  • Rapid algorithm and control using LabView
  • Extensive ability to numerical measure performance
  • Rapid optimization of key parameters prior to PCB design


Production Ready Product Designs

  • Fully functional, Production Ready Prototypes
  • Fully function, Production Grade Show Units
  • Concept to Reality


Advanced Functional and Show-Quality Prototyping

Fully functional, show-quality prototypes: High-strength 3D printing, Plastics, Metal work, Quick turn electronics, Wire harnessing, Touch displays, RFID, QR Readers, Powered drive and control devices, and Fluidic and Beverage Systems.  Prototype designs indistinguishable from production grade - well-suited for trade-shows, customer evaluation, functional demonstration and evaluation, as well as regulatory agency evaluation.


Advanced Design Capabilities

Computer-aided analysis: Advanced fluid CFD, Labview automation and instrumentation, Thermal Analysis and Optimization, Mechanical FEA stress and rigidity, High quality renderings, Animations, and Complex motion simulations



Use of latest and emerging technologies and processes, including high-strength 3D printing, metal form, welding, laser cutting and etching, plastics, custom PCB's, electrical, and numerous design tools for 3D design and advanced simulation of water flow, air flow, heat, structure, LabView automation, embedded controllers, design for low and high volume production.


Specializing in Commercial, Residential, and Aviation Beverage products: Brewers, Espresso, Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Dishwashers, Ovens, Warming Cabinets, as well as Advanced Robotics, and Motion Systems.

Products in over 60 million U.S. homes, 20 million European homes, and 30,000 commercial food service establishments across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Central America and Europe, including premier brewers installed on the elite Falcon series jet fleet, and many others.  

All products are high innovation, industry-first technologies, high reliability, and sleek, modern styling with emphasis on ease of use, color touch screens, and exciting user experience.   Numerous Industrial grade designs deployed (top-mount modules) for Autonomous Mobile Robots to add industry-first capabilities and functions.

About Errin Gnadinger, Founder

20+ years of high-innovation technology and product design. Many world-first innovations and products sold under world-renowned brands.  50+ Patents.  Numerous designs currently in production throughout Residential, Commercial, Industrial Fleet Autonomous Robots (AMR's) and Aviation industry, Passionate at market-leading products and industry firsts through solid engineering and rigor.  High expertise in both fluidic/beverage/air products as well as advanced motion and adaptive mobile robot enhancement modules and technologies.

Maintains an extensive network of supplier insiders and engineering associates to leverage best practices and rapid development time.  Broad spectrum of professional associates to bring expertise where needed, such as Python coding, API development, custom sensor technologies, and others. 

20 Years of Ground-Up Product Development

Powerful Competitive Baselines, Rapid Concept Generation based on current technologies and manufacturing standards. 20 years of proven background in appliance design and development, industry first technologies and custom automated fixtures for R&D including advanced and highly efficient heating systems for water and beverage products, brewers, and custom fleet-grade robotics.

LabVIEW, Custom PCB's, Software and Electrical

Advanced software and electronic development, functional evaluation.  Extensive use of National Instruments Labview (20 years experience) for algorithm and automation development, technical performance evaluation.

Proven Product Successes

Products currently in over 80 million households, and 30,000+ commercial outlets, and industrial-grade mobile fleet robotics. 50+ Patents. Espresso machines, Cappuccino machines, coffee and tea brewers, dishwashers, convection ovens.  Numerous industry-deployed advanced top-mount robotic systems for mobile robots (AMR's)

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